Saskia Jaszoltwoski talks about "Towards a Posthuman Musicology"

Lecture at the International Conference "Music, Musicology and Academic Responsibilities in the 21st Century" 1.-3. July 2024, Dublin

Lecture by Cornelia Logemann in the Alte Galerie at Schloss Eggenberg

Call for Papers: Versions of Home

Call for Papers Versions of Home: Adapting – Rewriting – Referencing in the Arts March 26–28, 2025, University of Graz

Contribution by Cristina Scuderi at the conference

"Leonardo Vinci. Opere, Contesto, Fortuna"

Susanne Kogler - Participation in conference in Hamburg

Poetry, music and sound art: recent media constellations Hamburg, 20.-22.06.2024

Cristina Scuderi - Co-organization of the "Hariclea Darclée" conference

The International Symposium "Hariclea Darclée (1860-1939) and Puccini Performers in Eastern Europe" will take place from June 14-15, 2024 at the National University of Music Bucharest. The conference was co-organized by PD Dr. Cristina.

Obituary Univ. Doz. Dr. Arnulf Rohsmann

Review of the international and interdisciplinary conference "Architecture-Film-Sound"

From May 23 - 25, 2024, the international and interdisciplinary conference "Architecture - Film - Sound" took place at the Meerscheinschlössl under the direction of Julian Blunk and Kassandra Nakas. At the interface of art, music, film and media studies, the conference explored the ways in which architectural experience can be optimized, channeled and interpreted in its cinematic and sonic development. The extent to which the temporal arts have already cultivated topical figures of spatial development or theorized structural correspondences between architecture and film and sound art (composition, montage, etc.) was discussed. The lectures by speakers from Austria and abroad were complemented by a short film program with commentary in the Schubertkino and an artist talk on site.